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Phase 1 Feature Plan

Share Videos & Pix

Your New Black-Owned Social Network will natively give you the ability to easily share your important moments in life with friends!

Enterprise Level Backend

We are using Linux, Apache, PHP, MySql, Zend Framework, XML, CSS & all the other top programming goodies & techie frameworks.

Business Foundation

From incorporation to dedicated servers to experienced business management, you can count on a real, full-time business & not a hobby.

Blackout Business Directory

#BlackoutWeek2020 users requested this project. So you will be able to list your business and sell items directly within the social network.

MultiMedia Content

We are not merely building a social network or chat room, but we intend to bring great black authored and created content in text, audio and video!

Easy Access Baby

We stick to modern standards. So whether you use a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, you will always have a great user experience.

Networking Features

Everything you expect like Personal Profiles, Biographical Information, News Feed, Private Messaging & Topical Groups included!

Safe Space

This For Us and By Us.  We are creating special “invitation-only” areas for “us” to have private conversation without fear of censorship or retribution.

Real Life Connections

Make real life connections. Discover how to connect to rich African-American experiences locally and abroad.

The Nyoobia Project Summary

“We NEED A BLACK-OWNED Social Network. “

“What if we had something like our “own” Facebook?”

Many have asked me those types of questions.

So, why can’t there be a SAFE-SPACE online that is BLACK-owned and Operated?

Well, there actually are some that already exist, however, people are saying they want one that has both modern features and is easy to use.

Well, because you have asked, we are doing it!

In, fact we have already gotten started!

No, Nyoobia will not be the final name.  We will have a community vote on that.

However, just like the original Ancient Nubia, it is the birthplace of our new community.

We call it a sandbox, where we can test everything out before making it fully public.

Your support is needed, and yes, you can join in early to help us test it out.

We are also looking for people to join our “think tank”, programming team, marketing team and community helper teams!

Let Us Know At, the Black Social Network

Estimated Roadmap:

Early Beta  – 3 months
Private Beta – 1 month
Public Beta – 3 months
Pilot Launch 2 months
Pre-Launch – 4 months
Public Launch – ETA Juneteenth 2021


We are handling the legal, organizational, technical and foundational specifications and building the basic operational framework of the network.

Why asking so much for the first phase?  Actually, it really is not much when you consider the costs of an enterprise application. Phase one will cost less than what it normally costs to hire a single full-time programmer.

1 Million lines of computer programming code  can easily cost upwards of $100 Million USD or more and requires a team of programmers with lots of support and overhead.

In 2015, it was estimated that Facebook had 62 Million Lines of Code!

I’ll let you do the math on that!

We are not building from scratch.  We are licensing framework that allows us to build with efficiency. Also, having done this a time or two for clients, I know some ways to cut costs on expenses. (Like knowing the most affordable places to co-locate servers!)

All money raised goes towards the expenses of the project.  Any amounts above goal will go towards the next phase!

We truly appreciate all your support and promise to work hard to give US an exciting and safe place to be US!

For more details please see the FAQs below.

Give to our GoFundMe
We appreciate your support!

Frequently Asked Questions & Roadmap